Impact / Sustainability

Enjoy an untroubled holiday while helping to preserve our environment

The Rio Tico Safari Lodge would like to introduce the natural beauty of the Southern Pacific coast to its guests for their enjoyment. All of us hope future generations will continue to enjoy the beauty of nature. That is why the Rio Tico Safari Lodge has an on-going commitment to the preservation of our natural environment. We at the Rio Tico Safari Lodge not only take responsibility for your holiday pleasure, but also for our unique ecosystem. 90 % of our energy is solar energy from the solar panels on our roof. Besides that our sustainability efforts include bringing our garbage to a recycling center which donates their income to a local school; minimizing the use of water; only using biodegradable detergents and cleaning products and installing a special sceptic system that purifies the effluents before returning them to nature. We hope you join us in our efforts to preserve our eco-system.

Local community

The Rio Tico Safari Lodge would like to support the local community of Punta Mala. All Rio Tico employees come from our village. We support the local school with donations of building and school materials. We recommend to all our guests to have lunch or dinner in one of the local restaurants in Punta Mala and enjoy the Costarican culture and kitchen.

Corcovado Foundation – Make a Difference

The Rio Tico Safari Lodge supports the Corcovado Foundation, a local and down-to-earth leader in conservation of the rainforest and the biodiversity of Corcovado. The Corcovado Foundation has different programs like recycling, environmental education and turtle conservation. We would like to invite our guests to cooperate with a small donation of US$ 1 per night which will benefit the Corcovado Foundation´s efforts and in this way you will make a difference.


During the tours and activities, please respect the following recommendations:
• Do not leave trash
• Do not feed the animals
• Do not extract flowers or plants from national parks and private reserves
• Always stay on the trail
• Be silent, do not disturb the wildlife
• Do not use the flash while making pictures of wildlife
• Also at sea; do not touch the fishes or other living organism like sea stars
• It is not allowed to have fires within the protected areas of the national parks
• It is not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks within protected areas of the national parks
• Don´t waste drinking water; close the drinking fountain when you are done
• Bring your own water container
• Don´t throw toilet paper in the toilet of protected areas, always in the bin